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My Packages


I am currently offering three package options that you can choose from below. If what you are looking for doesn't fit perfectly with one of my packages, no problem! We can work together to find a customizable package that works best for YOU!

My Packages



This package is perfect for those who are wanting to continue taking your own content, but I will be there to put it all together for you. This is great if you are trying to maintain a social media presence or don't want a full takeover. What's included?

  • Bio optimization

  • 1:1 strategy call

  • Content organization & content scheduling

  • 3 posts/week

  • 1 reel/month

  • 2 stories/week

  • 1 hour of engagement/week


Queen Bee

This package is the whole hive. If you are wanting to get your social media completely off your schedule, this is for you. This is great if you are looking for optimal growth and engagement, increased sales and the most creation. This is a full marketing plan for your business page. What's included?


  • Bio optimization

  • 1:1 biweekly strategy call

  • Content creation

  • 2 content creation sessions/month

  • Continuous content creation throughout month if necessary on my own time

  • content organization & content scheduling

  • Photo editing if necessary

  • 6-7 posts/week

  • 1-2 reels weekly

  • 2 stories/day

  • 3 hours of engagement/week

  • Analytics

  • Tik Tok account (if desired)


Honey Bee

This package is great if you are wanting me to take over your social media, content creation and scheduling, but not at an extensive level. This is great to kickstart growth and excitement around your page. What's included?

  • Bio optimization

  • 1:1 strategy call

  • Content creation

  • 1 content creation session/month

  • content organization & content scheduling

  • 4-5 posts/week

  • 2-4 reels/month

  • 8 stories/week

  • 2 hours of engagement/week

  • Analytics

If you're looking for further information about my packages, are unsure about which one is best for you OR you are wanting to chat about customization: let's chat!

*Package prices are subject to change depending on level of customization and management. Final price will be discussed before any final commitment. 



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