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Social Media is no easy task, but it is essential to grow your business and strengthen your brand. There are so many aspects to running a social media account, such as designing a brand, creating content that educates and entertains your following as well as selling your product/service. It can get overwhelming while you are trying to run your business, so that is what I am here for! I specialize in all things Instagram and would love to take this off your busy plate.


I'm the creator of Busy Bee Media and couldn't be happier to have you here. I have been a content creator for 5+ years, a social media guru for 3+ years and now a business owner. I am currently finishing up my Business Administration Degree with a major in marketing. I help businesses pollinate their market to grow and succeed on Instagram.

Meet Lily


Thrive Chiropractic

"If you're looking for a social media manager I highly recommend working with Alex. She is able to capture the values and feel of our business and showcase it in the most beautiful way. I trust her to work within our advertising directives and still be able to give content that is fun, educational and engaging. Alex is absolutely amazing!"



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